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Automatic Rename Function is useless


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I tried to burn some mp3 files on a CD to use in my CD player. But some files were not in the right order.

I created an ISO file and checked it with IsoBuster and found that the files were renamed in the most retarded

possible way.


To make this more clear: I had 10 files starting with the same words. They were alphabetically ordered.

Let's take "B. Lab Lablablablablablaba1.mp3" and so on....


The renamed filenames were:






Noone gets any points for guessing in what order they are burnt to the CD. Yep, "alphabetical".

So the LAST file got put FIRST! Then the correct order and then the first file.


Without that crappy renaming function there would be no threads like:








The solution is not, as suggested in those threads, rename the files yourself.

The solution is FIX THAT SHIT in the next build!


All you need to do is change it to rename like this:




Problem solved!

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Here's how it works...


It sorts the files in alphabetical order using their original file names (and that's probably alphabetical in character by character sense, not the 'logical' sense like in Vista+'s Explorer so 10 would come before 2 because 1 comes before 2) and then looks at each name in that sorted list and cuts so they fit in the restricted file name length (be that 8.3 or 64 characters etc).


If the cut name matches one that already exists, it drops a character from the name and appends a number. That number is increased until the name is unique.


The way it works is/was the standard way of doing it at the time of implementation.

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