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It still makes too many coasters


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Well it has been almost a year since I stopped using ImgBurn due to the many write errors it was producing.

So today I decided to try it again & I downloaded & installed the latest version.


But bugger Me Dead if it didn't stuff up a Verbatim DVD5 on the first use!

It got halfway through a burn & threw up a read/write error.This is Crazy, because it is doing exactly the same as it was a year ago. The issue has not been fixed.

Honestly,, It was a much better program when it was just a simple No fuss burning tool.



I have burned hundreds of DVD's with Burnaware,CloneDVD2, ConvertX etc & I never have any problems with those authoring programs.

That's right,, NOT one single error from any of them.


So I have given up on the notion that maybe someday the program creator will see the light & eventually fix ImgBurn.

I can't be bothered waiting any longer for a "Final" bullet proof Final release because on "present form" that aint going to happen.

& I'm sick of the program having a dummy Spit & creating Coasters for no reason.


Never Again will I bother with ImgBurn!

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