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Start a manual Verify at X sector?


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Since the logs state that a Verify, if it fails, cannot verify X sector, depending on where it failed, I was wondering. Is it possible to start a Verify at X sector to compare against? I ask because what if you have a case, and you can probably guess I do and this is what made me think of it :lol:, where a burn completes, but, the Verify fails. And, running the Verify in a different drive fails at the same place, to rule out the drive. I didn't have it in this case, but, I got to thinking, what if the Verify fails at, say, 90% in? My thinking was, if it was possible, can a Verify be told to start, then, at X sector from the log where it says it fails? That way, one can jump right to that area and see if it's the disc or the disc and that drive together, etc.

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