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Burn Images from within .rar


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I'd love to be able to burn images from within .rar archives, i know it would probably consume alot of cpu and take a little longer... but i'd love it anyway, vlc (www.videolan.org) can play video-stream from within rar's so it should be possible (vls is open source, ctrl-c ctrl-v).


so if you dont hate the idea and have some spare time.... i promise to make a donation!

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I've taken a look at vlc, seems like it can just read the first bit of an a/v file if it's in an uncompressed rar.


r8192 | hartman | 2004-07-16 13:29:21 +0200 (Fri, 16 Jul 2004) | 4 lines

Changed paths:

M /trunk/modules/access/mms/mmstu.h

M /trunk/modules/control/http.c

M /trunk/modules/demux/asf/asf.c

M /trunk/modules/demux/avi/avi.c

M /trunk/modules/demux/mkv.cpp

M /trunk/modules/demux/mp4/mp4.c

M /trunk/modules/misc/sap.c

M /trunk/modules/mux/asf.c

M /trunk/modules/video_output/fb.c

M /trunk/modules/video_output/ggi.c

M /trunk/modules/video_output/x11/xcommon.c

M /trunk/share/http/info.html

M /trunk/src/input/input.c


* it's information, not informations (grep -r)

* modules/demux/avi/avi.c: Look a bit further into the file for the avi tag.

this allows you to play avi in uncompressed .rar (only first part of course).



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Surely, if the ISO is already assigned to be burned by ImgBurn, wouldn't clicking on the ISO in the RAR simply extract the ISO to the TEMPDIR and pass it to ImgBurn for burning?


Right as usual, dbminter. Most compression apps will just uncompress temporarily uncompress the file, and pass it to imgburn, deleteting the file when imgburn is done. What I think dansken wanted was for imgburn to read the file like an ISO, uncompressing it on-the-fly.

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