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Icons associated with files?


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I need a way to find the file icon or the file containing an icon for a file association. In this case, the icon associated with diskmgmt.msc in c:\windows\system32. The Disk Management plug in for MMC, aka Computer Management. Normally, I'm used to icons being separate files, .ICO, in .EXE's or in DLL's. This case, I don't know where it is. A shortcut to this file gives it an icon that's not in SHELL32.DLL, etc. nor in the Microsoft Management Console that calls the MSC file. There are no icons in the MSC file that IconShop could find and trying to load it in the shortcut to get the icon returns that it has no icons. So, I can only guess that the particular file name is associated with an icon. .MSC is associated, in File Types, with an entirely different icon because that association is for the .EXE.



Any ideas?



EDIT: Found it totally by accident. Accidentally clicked on the wrong DLL to get another icon. But, my question still stands. :) Is there a convenient way to find them?

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