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Long/short folder names


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I don't know if this is a bug or not so I'm passing it along in case it's something to be investigated.



I had created a CUE sheet and saved it to a rather lengthy folder name and file name combination.  When I went to burn it to CD, I hovered over the name of the CUE file in the left pane in ImgBurn to make sure I could see the full file name and make sure I was burning the right disc, as I had 2 CUE files to burn to disc.  The pop-up displayed the name of the CUE sheet but it was a bit odd.  The folder name, including the entire sub-folder structure, was not in long file name format, but in 8.3 format with ~'s and the first few letters in uppercase.  The name of the actual CUE sheet itself was in its long name format, without ~'s and all uppercase letters.



Sorry, I think I may have made a few facts muddy.  It was hovering over the Source field that it's pop-up was in 8.3 format.  Not the Label field, of course.  :wink:

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