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DVD less than 1GB, Padding Filesystem


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The drive performs that, not the program really. It's just 1 little setting as part of a command - or at least that's how it's implemented in ImgBurn, I certainly don't pad the filesystem up to 1 GB.


It could be made optional but it only applies to DVD+R format media and of course you also have to be burning

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Well, I see.


But sometimes, I need to burn small amount data onto DVD. In this case, at least 1GB writing isn't efficient.


Especially Mini DVD-RW, writing time is very long! Because most of Mini DVD-RW has 2x speed only.


So I suggest. If ImgBurn can handle this command, Add this option. I wish.



PS: In my observation, this is only applied "-R" media. NOT +R. Am I wrong?

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Only LUK, understood this. I think.


DVD-R media


When burning data is 100MB, recorder burns disc to 100MB? -> NO.


The true story is here. Recorder burns disc until ~1GB position. So, rest amount (1GB - 100MB = ~900MB) is written by garbage / dummy data. If burning data is Just 6MB? Then, 1024MB - 6MB = ~1018MB garbage data will be written.





[100MB Data Recording time] is same with [1GB Data Recording time]



This is not by user behavior. It's done by recorder. And can't disable generally. But Nero has disable option.


As LUK mentioned, this dummy padding operation is NOT by application. It's Burner h/w and DVD format specification related. And he said, control command is exist. This explain why nero can disable padding.


Anyway, my wish is,,


ImgBurn option. Ignore Filesystem Padding (until 1GB).




I'm using Pioneer A11, BENQ 1640, LITE-ON 1693S / 165P6S.

On DVD-R media, All my recorders DO filesystem padding.

On DVD+R media, All my recorders DO NOT filesystem padding.

In Nero with disable high compatibility mode(= disable filesystem padding), It really DO NOT padding on DVD-R.

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Using SAO/DAO recording methods, you cannot get away from DVD-R taking (seemingly) ages at the 'Synchronising Cache...' stage if you burn something


Turning off the high compatibilty option in Nero forces it to use the 'Packet / Incremental' write mode. ImgBurn can do that if you tell it to. At the end of the day though, these things are done for a reason, even if you do find them annoying!


For DVD+R, page 306 of the MMC5 specs (File name: mmc5r03c0.pdf) shows two different 'Close' functions for finalising the disc. One for finalising with minimal radius (the 1 GB one) and the other is for just finalising normally.

That's the only one I would implement as it's the only REAL function defined for such a thing. (I have implemented this now btw)

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