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Yes To All in Verify?


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Was burning an image for an MP3 CD made by another application, of course, with ImgBurn. (Actually, it was an image made by another app that I used UltraISO to inject files into.) It burned fine, buy, the verify came back with several dialogues.



I 07:34:28 Image File File System(s): ISO9660, Joliet, UDF (1.02)

I 07:34:32 Verifying Sectors...

W 07:35:01 Miscompare at LBA: 20, Offset: 14

W 07:35:01 Device: 0x20

W 07:35:01 Image File: 0x19

W 07:35:01 Total Errors in Sector: 37

W 07:35:01 Note: The drive probably corrected the Sync/Header because it's wrong in the image file.



Then, it would ask if I wanted to keep verifying. For kicks, I decided to see how many of these verify dialogs would come up. As a beta tester, one has to keep testing, right? :D 55 more such dialogues followed one right after the other. So, I got to thinking, what if someone needed to see a Verify through to the end to get whatever sectors were being returned. Thus, should there be a Yes To All included in this dialog for that reason?

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It's a MessageBox and a 'yes to all' button doesn't exist in that API.


Although YOU might only get 100 or so errors, a 'Yes To All' could in theory go through a whole disc, i.e. over 2 million if the image really doesn't match the disc (where the user put the wrong disc in or something equally stupid!).


That's why verify doesn't do it.


It already failed verify so there's little point in continuing with thousands and thousands of errors. That's not what Verify mode is all about.

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I understand that the messagebox should be dispayed, but can you add an option in the Verify Tab to only show the error in the log instead of the messagebox. This way, we can start the verify and return a couple minutes after to verify the log, instead of clicking continue over and over again...



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