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Ability to unoad image


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Hi! :)

Id love to have the ability to unload an image once its loaded. I usually keep ImgBurn open 24/7, but to be able to delete the Image Ive just written to disc I have to either close down ImgBurn or load another image as its locked.


A couple of suggestions on how this can be done:


By pressing ctrl+w

Adding a File --> Unload command

Right clicking the file name (and pop up a menu/unload Image directly)

[Add better Ideas here :rolleyes: ]



And another tiny suggestion: Add select all/select none buttons to select file associations in the options window. I just wasted almost 10 seconds by clicking all those check boxes. :w00t::P

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i thought there was a check box delete image after burn


edit after posting, i realised this might just be decrypter, but on checking again, seems there is box check 'delete the image when done'


It's in the write options

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if you open the file folder, you should be able to delete your image from a right click there, without having to close the programme


Yup, that works. But requires some precision work with the mouse.. :rolleyes:


But thanks for the suggestion. At least its easier than reopening ImgBurn. :)


@dontasciime: I never use such features as Im afraid it deletes something I want to keep. (That is, if the disc doesnt work or Ive made a mistake and need to reburn it.)

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I don't think it's the file that's locked, it's the folder. Explorer's 'Open file' box just does that, I can't help it!


If it IS the file, that's my problem and I'll fix it.

Oh, sry, just checked, and youre right, its the folder that is locked, not the file. :blush:


Explorer's 'Open file' box just does that, I can't help it!
Im afraid I dont know exactly how ImgBurn is written, but it surely has to be some way to close the file and change the active dir (so the program returns to the state it was in before I opened any file)?

(Or else just (automatically) open a dummy file and replace the file name with "Please select a file..." But that feels like too much of a hack for even myself to think its a good idea. :unsure: )


@dontasciime: I think you got it exactly right, its just that I dont decide if I want to keep the image or not until after the burn.



Yup, that works. But requires some precision work with the mouse.. rolleyes.gif

(quoting myself)


Just reread cornholio7 answer and realized I had misunderstood, but in sort of a good way. :P


I thought he meant that if I click the browse button I ImgBurn I can delete both the file and the dir. And it _is_ possible to do it that way. :D

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Like I kinda said before, it's not my code that's keeping the handle open to the folder. It's part of the 'GetOpenFileName' API call.


You would expect the handle to be closed when the box is closed, but it's not.


Unless the 'File' entry I'm looking at within Sysinternal's Process Explorer is just a result of the GetOpenFileName box changing the programs current directory, I don't think there is anything I can do (and no I'm not going to 'hack' around with things!)


If you drag and drop a file into the 'Source' group box, you'll see that you don't have the same problem with not being able to delete the folder that the image lives in. It only happens when you use the 'Open File' box. Programmatically, the 'browse for file' part just runs a tiny function to initiate the open file box (no file / folder opening at all). Once it's got the name, it runs the same code as the D&D part to actually initialise the image file and get the info about it etc.

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Ok, seems it is a current dir thing and the the getopenfilename box takes it upon itself to change it!


As I flick through the folders, I can see the folder handles being created / destroyed within Process Explorer for ImgBurn.exe


If I cancel, it goes back to the default - i.e. where ImgBurn.exe lives.

If I click Ok, it stays on that last folder.


OFN_NOCHANGEDIR as one of the flags will fix that.


Should have looked into this ages ago... it's annoyed me for years!

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Great, thanks! :D


Ive just spent the last minutes reading up on how GetOpenFileName works, and I came to the same conclusion as you, OFN_NOCHANGEDIR should most likely take care of it. But according to MSDN it doesnt work with NT4/5. But please dont tell your computer that... :P


I also added the 'All' / 'None' buttons for you in the File Association box wink.gif


Thanks again. :) Thatll save me several seconds next time Ill have to reinstall. ;)

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