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Basic design flaw in the Pioneer BDR-2209


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I've had 3 Pioneer BDR-2209 drives and 2 of them have the same basic fundamental design flaw.



After a certain amount of time, the eject function doesn't always work.  An Eject command is issued to the drive or you press the eject button and the drive light lights up.  BUT the tray doesn't eject!  :o  Pressing the Eject button again or issuing a 2nd Eject command causes the drive to eject.



This happened to my first BDR-2209 after about a year and a half.  It started with my 2nd BDR-2209 before even a year had passed.



Because this has happened to 2 different BDR-2209's and one before it was even a year old, it cannot be escaped: this is a fundamental design flaw in the BDR-2209.  :angry:

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Both drives have made noises while trying to eject.  They just don't eject.  Since it has happened on more than 1 drive, it's something inherent in the design of the drives.  However, it only happens like 1 time in 10. 



I've never had it fail to eject when ImgBurn issues the eject command after a write before a Verify, so I don't know how ImgBurn would react.  Would it think the drive had ejected, or does ImgBurn have a way of knowing if the drive was actually ejected?  Does it just wait until the disc can be read and "assume" the disc was ejected, reinserted, and then made available?  :unsure:



I just know it's done this when I've issued an Eject command from within ImgBurn manually and when I've pressed the Eject button physically on the drive.

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