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Some Links Are Loading Viruses


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I love image burn and I made the mistake of downloading from the mirror 1 link it gave me an exe to install I ran it because I have downloaded this app in the past. However, this one was a modified EXE and it loaded all kinds of crap and a couple adware programs thank god I had Avast that stopped all of it I just wanted to let you guys know whats going on. this is the offending link http://www.digital-digest.com/software/download.php?sid=470&ssid=0&did=1



Thanks Royce 

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All of the mirrors replaced your original installer with a modified version since the size and checksum is different (the same on all mirrors) from the original hosted on Mirror 7


Seems they removed OC... as BetaNews states: CLEAN INSTALL! No OC bundled

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Sure something is wrong with download links:


Mirror 1 - Provided by Digital Digest (Currently hosting v2.5.8.0)

Mirror 2 - Provided by BetaNews (Currently hosting v2.5.8.0)


Mirror 1  - 1097 MB Norton Security turned red more then 3 times until I stopped installation (browser redirecting to malicious site, unsafe scripts)


next I downloaded


Mirror 2 - 3030 MB

Installation went smoothly



Mirror 1 I clicked to but content appears to be wrong.





Thanks for a great software.

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