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I/O error with different programs - why and help please :)


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I'm a newbie to IMGburn and was recommended to use this to replicate the nav disc for my car.  I had downloaded the iso and mds? files and followed the instructions to the letter to burn a dvdrom yet I keep getting an error message saying

"I/O error!

Device:  HP...........

Scsistatus 02

interpretation check condition

cdb:  53 00 00 00 00 00 3a 52 ac 00

Interpretation reserve track: - Sectors 3,822,252


sense area:  70 00 05 00 00 ...........

SK Interpretation:  Illegal request

ASC/ASCQ Interpretation:  invalid field in cdb"


can anyone help?  I tried d'ling different versions just as a test of the nav software and still same message.  Using no name dvdrw.  I have TDKs also if needed but will that help?

thanks mucho!

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here it is.

ImgBurn Version - Log
;   Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 11:14:49
; \\****************************************//
I 11:09:41 ImgBurn Version started!
I 11:09:41 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Edition (6.1, Build 7601 : Service Pack 1)
I 11:09:41 Total Physical Memory: 3,987,312 KiB  -  Available: 807,304 KiB
I 11:09:41 Initialising SPTI...
I 11:09:41 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...
I 11:09:47 -> Drive 1 - Info: hp CDDVDW TS-L633R 0400 (E:) (ATAPI)
I 11:09:47 Found 1 DVD±RW/RAM!
W 11:11:05 User accepted disc space warning and is attempting to overburn!
I 11:11:05 Operation Started!
I 11:11:05 Source File: C:\Users\peter\Desktop\torrentz downloads\Infiniti-Navteq-7.9.iso
I 11:11:05 Source File Sectors: 3,982,208 (MODE1/2048)
I 11:11:05 Source File Size: 8,155,561,984 bytes
I 11:11:05 Source File Volume Set Identifier: 42ce24c3
I 11:11:05 Source File Implementation Identifier: SONY DISC TEC.
I 11:11:05 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02)
I 11:11:05 Destination Device: [0:1:0] hp CDDVDW TS-L633R 0400 (E:) (ATAPI)
I 11:11:05 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: PRINCO)
I 11:11:05 Destination Media Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 4x
I 11:11:05 Destination Media Sectors: 2,298,496
I 11:11:05 Write Mode: DVD
I 11:11:05 Write Type: DAO
I 11:11:05 Write Speed: 2.4x
I 11:11:05 Link Size: Auto
I 11:11:05 Lock Volume: Yes
I 11:11:05 Test Mode: Yes
I 11:11:05 OPC: No
I 11:11:05 BURN-Proof: Enabled
W 11:11:05 Write Speed Miscompare! - Wanted: 3,324 KB/s (2.4x), Got: 2,770 KB/s (2x)
W 11:11:05 The drive only supports writing these discs at 2x, 4x.
E 11:11:09 Failed to Reserve Track! - Reason: Invalid Field in CDB
E 11:11:13 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:07
I 11:11:13 Average Write Rate: N/A - Maximum Write Rate: N/A
I 11:14:43 Close Request Acknowledged
I 11:14:43 Closing Down...
I 11:14:46 Shutting down SPTI...
I 11:14:46 ImgBurn closed!

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Ok well the reason should be fairly obvious.


The program told you your image wouldn't fit on the disc, and that's why it's failed.


You need to buy some double layer discs. Please refer to the pinned topic at the top of the forum listing - i.e. you want some with the MKM-003-00 dye/MID.

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Yeah, Princo is definitely not going to help.  However, the issue here, as was pointed out, was the attempt to overburn.  The disc image is too large for a DVD-R.  Your image may barely fit on a DVD+R DL/DVD-R DL.  Your image is almost twice as large as the disc you're attempting to burn to.  Overburns often fail, anyway, and will definitely fail in this case.

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And don't try double layer DVD's you find in brick and mortar stores.  They will be CMC Magnetics or other cheap discs.  To get the good Verbatim MKM discs that were recommended earlier, you will need to order the Verbatim DataLife Plus series from an online store.

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TDK is normally good for the DVD+R DL's I tried.  I tried a few and they burned fine and were still readable years later.  IF TDK actually made them, that is.  With TDK in the Disc ID.  I know they make Verbatims inkjet BD-RE DL which I've been using for years without issue.



Last I checked, Sony stopped making their higher quality DVD-R and switched to second rate Ritek.  The Riteks I used were fine, but Sony now makes junk.  Their BD-R wouldn't even complete a burn.  If Sony uses Ritek to make DVD+R DL, don't use them.  I tried 5 Ritek DVD+R DL's years ago and only 2 of them were still readable a few years after burning.  I've never used Sony DVD+R DL so I can't say what they use, Ritek or CMC.



With DVD+R DL, the only really reliable manufacturer is Verbatim MKM.  Although, as I said, I had no issues with TDK DVD+R DL.



Try Amazon.ca.  I get my DataLife Plus Verbatim medium from Amazon.com exclusively.



These should be what you're looking for:





However, before you burn one, put one in a drive and check the Disc ID in the ImgBurn pane in Write mode.  Make sure it says MKM and not something else.  You should then be able to return them if they're cheap discs since you haven't burned any yet.

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Hello  Fernicus,



Although I realise you want to a solution for burning your image to a DVD and that you are working with the optical writer you currently have, if the Images with which you are working are likely to consistently have a size issue, then have you considered getting a Blu-ray writer?


Blu-ray discs take about 25 GB of data, and Blu-ray writers can also burn and read DVD and CD.


(However, you may find the range of backward compatibility is more limited; for example you may find a DVD writer can read more DVD format than a Blu-ray that also burns DVD (the Blu-ray writer might for example read/write DVD+R, but not DVD-R).)


I am not suggesting replacing an internal optical drive (although that would be an option, but one more expensive and complicated), but rather I am suggesting you consider a USB-connected external Blu-ray optical drive.


You could put the following search into Google:


Reviews on USB Blu-ray optical drive


Ensure it is latest USB compatible with your computer, and take a look at its specifications so you are sure it will also will burn to DVD and CD, and that it will also burn the formats of DVD disc that you also want to use.


By the way, many such products come with burning software, like the Blu-ray writer that I bought some time ago now, but I opted to use ImgBurn and never installed the writing software that came with the device.

The reason - I simply find ImgBurn works well.


Instructions how to write a Blu-ray Video disc with ImgBurn are available here:





I hope this helps.





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