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Maybe add/place VIDEO_TS/VOB burning in the WRITE category?


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I really appreciate you taking the time to post. I think I understand about as well as I possibly could, and I'll just focus on learning how to use ImgBurn successfully and efficiently. Instead of thinking about what it could be, I'll focus on what it is, and be grateful for what it does do and not concerned about what it doesn't.


As for Nero, given how that application has turned in to a huge, bloated package full of gunk, I do want to try to wean myself from it, and I can do that in part by exploring new and free tools like ImgBurn. All I would want would be the core Nero Burning-ROM app, fully functional as a retail app or an OEM bundle. But they don't seem to want to do it that way, so I'm looking for alternatives.


After a bunch of Google searching, I have found a free and very simple little app that can read non-protected DVD's and CD's and create an ISO from them. It does not burn DVD ISO's - only CD's. So I will just use it to rip ISO's and ImgBurn to burn those ISO's.




Hope that helps some folks out there looking for that functionality.


Thanks for the help in figuring out how to use ImgBurn to burn my VIDEO_TS folders. It will make it way easy for me to get those TV Show edits from my Panasonic DMR-ES15 recorder on to a disk so I can free up some hard drive space.


I will try not to be such a pain in the arse... :)


EDIT: - I just found another ISO creating utility that is free. I was looking through tons of Google page caches and I could hardly believe that this utility has actually been discussed here in these forums in this rather caustic thread:




I sorta wish someone had remembered to mention it. All it does is make ISO images from CD's and DVD's. It is called LCISOCreator and can be found here:




It's a single 53,248 byte executable and it seems about as idiot proof as it gets.


I'll let folks know about this little app. Seems to be yet another excellent supplement to ImgBurn.


Another possibility is called CD2ISO, though I have not yet tested it. I found it in the Google searches too.




Hope that helps someone. Looks like there are at least 3 freeware options to complement ImgBurn. :)


I just had to chip in on this one and say, "Thanks, Guys, this is what user forums are all about."


I have been an ImgBurn user for over a year and am a devoted fan. It is a veritable jewel of a program in an area of technology that is a minefield, even for the expert. My use of ImgBurn has been confined to ?doing what it says on the tin?, burning DVDs from ISO files, which it does first time, every time. Now my video editor, Womble Multimedia's MPEG Video Wizard, has added a DVD module that allows me to add menus and output the finished project as a video folder as an alternative to exporting MPEGs. I had a feeling that ImgBurn could handle folders - I seemed to remember stumbling across that feature at some time, but couldn't find it again. I immediately assumed my memory was faulty, it often is, and spent a frustrating few days casting around for a reliable way of getting from the folders to an ISO file so that I could get back to ImgBurn for the final burn. Finding nothing suitable I decided to double-check ImgBurn features, eventually coming to this site. Now, after reading this thread, my problem is solved and I have learned a lot more besides, not all of it about computer software.


It strikes me that mention of video folders on the home page of ImgBurn.com under the heading "What is ImgBurn" would have stopped me shooting off at a tangent and encouraged me to look more closely at what was in my possession all the time.

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I've actually got an updated 'offline' version of the site but I'm waiting until I release v2.2.0.0 before I upload it.


The newer site content does indeed mention that kinda thing. :)


What a nice chap you are - really!


I expected a reply more along the lines of :rtfg: which I have now found.

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