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Squat Toilet Tips

Among the biggest shocks in regards to travel in China is their toilets' state. Not only do you have to get used to doing your company in the squatting place but in addition, you need to recall not to flush your toilet paper off!

I first discovered the wonders of the dreaded Squat Toilet residing in Malaysia, and although it wasn't the best experience, it was an adventure for me to learn from.

* Always carry around bathroom paper, hygiene wipes or tissue paper (a few people toilets will sell packets of tissue at the door)
* Always have 20sen ready so you may pay to gain entry into the smelly public toilets 
* Bring a friend, Malaysian bathrooms have a reputation for having bad things have been helpless women on their own 
* If you are wearing jeans or pants, it's a requirement to roll them up prior to entering 
* Expect to be greeted with wet, dirty floors 
* Should you get the best toilet(Toiletszones), be mindful that many Malaysians will nevertheless squat on those seats 
* Beware your neighbors. The individual next door may decide that the cubical needed a quick rinse... or at least, that is exactly what I hope that water was.... 
* Top heels/stiletto sneakers Aren't advisable unless you are experienced

Prior to China, I'd always believed that I'd already experienced the worst that I was able to encounter (in relation to squat toilets), there might be no way in this lifetime that people could live in a country with people bathrooms worse compared to Malaysia. I was, needless to say, completely innocent and clearly not using my mind.

Was in the rural region of China. The good thing is that the toilets aren't hard to find, you simply have to follow your own nose. There are a great deal of terrible things to note about public bathrooms.

1. The stench is enough to make you faint 
2. There's no toilet paper 
3. There is no toilet flush (their flush is actually an individual throwing water down the trench at the close of the day) 
4. There is no toilet seat (no western toilet!) 
5. There's no bathroom hole (no elbows toilet!) 
6. There's not any toilet door 
7. There's a waist-high toilet wall breaking each'cubical' 
8. There's a foot deep small trench to do your small business 
9. There's a waste-basket for used toilet paper and sanitary products (if you are unlucky, you may not even possess this) 
10. There might be a person's #2 waiting to greet you 
11. There will likely be many nude bottoms along with other pieces to greet you


China sure knows how to bring their people together.

Here are some things you Might Want to Take into Account in preparation for your worst bathroom experience in China (and some other countries)

* Never travel without tissue paper, hygiene wipes or toilet paper 
* Some wonderful public toilets have a toilet roll near the entry 
* A facial mask doused in perfume/cologne can assist with your visit to the toilet 
* Always search for a 4 or 5 star resort, or a recently built hotel to utilize their lobby toilet 
* An umbrella is a beneficial instrument to hide your buttocks from fellow bathroom users if there's absolutely no door 
* Consistently use the toilet at hotels even in the event that you don't want to, you will never know when your next toilet break is or how much worse your toilet might be. 
* If you are fortunate enough to get a squat toilet, face away from the gap (I was not certain why but a friend told me that #2 will go down this way. However, I've still encountered evidence of people facing the wrong direction and #2 was obviously not flushed away) 
* Never flush the toilet paper down as you will clog the pipe! (more about this later)

However often I utilize those squat toilets and just how frequently I hear how hygienic it is compared to western toilets, I shall always favor western bathrooms! The fact is, not everyone understands how to use a squat toilet properly and I understand there is a percentage of people who overlook when it comes to squatting.

On to the importance of NOT flushing the toilet paper down the pipes!

I never really followed this advice once I studied there, until I stayed from the Beijing student dorms. As a result of not obeying the rules, I needed to go with no toilet for up to 24hrs on several occasions. A couple of times really clogged up although I did not flush toilet paper!

It's not a fact but rumour has it that the waste out of the top floor dorm rooms drain down to ground floor, which means you will have more problems at the lower level dorms. I know for a fact that some of my friends staying on the ground floor of the dorm building had the worst smelling toilets even when they'd bleached the entire room...

Don't Do It!

Don't flush toilet paper down those pipes!! Think about the bad people whose occupation is to purge the litter you create, and be grateful that the bathroom can flush!

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Flush toilets are very simple mechanisms that have not changed since they were invented. The tank on the back of the toilet is full of water and a float is generally controlled valve that prevents the water flowing into the tank when it is full, this is called the ballcock valve. A second valve is controlled with the handle on the toilet that releases the water in the tank so the bowl is flushed by it, this is known as the valve. When the grip is released the flush valve should close and the tank should fill until the float reaches a level that closes the ballcock valve and stops the water.

This indicates that the water is continuing to operate in the tank if your best flushing toilet keeps running and a few of these valves is not working properly. There is an overflow tube in the toilet tank to prevent water and onto the floor. The water in the tank is clean water directly out of your home source and there'll ordinarily be a tap below the bathroom to shutoff the flow of water to the tank.

Read more: Ways Tip & trick for choose best flushing toilet for your house

Flush Valve

The flush valve is the first suspect if your best toilet keeps running. Then the float won't reach a level to close the ballcock 28, if the water doesn't stop from flowing from the tank and the water keeps running to the tank. If your bathroom runs then it might be a slow leak during the valve and the float can rise enough at to close the water off but slowly the water drops until the ballcock valve opens to let in water.

If jiggling the handle stops the bathroom running then you need to check at the lever or chain than connects the grip to the flush valve. The flush valve may seem like a softball sized rubber ball on a hinge type mechanism in the bottom of the tank. It is attached by a chain or lever to the handle so it's pulled up on its hinge out of its chair (the hole in the bottom of the tank) and the water leaks. If the string is tangled or the lever bent the flush valve might not be returning to its chair and the water isn't stopped from running from the tank. Make sure the string is long enough to allow the valve shut.


If the flush valve is older, it could have become hardened or bent in such a manner that it isn't closing. This is what causes your bathroom to run. A flush valve is only a few dollars at your local hardware or plumbing supply shop. Be sure to take your flush valve along with the make and model of your bathroom with you once you buy a new one. To test your flush valve until you remove it, then consider adding some food coloring into the water from the tank and then watch the water in the toilet bowl to find out if it begins to change color indicating that water is escaping from the tank into the bowl. It may take a few hours for the water from the bowl to change color if it is a slow flow.

To empty the tank to remove your valve, first shutoff. Disconnect the chain or lever from the flush valve and then slide it.

Ballcock Valve

The other suspect which may keep your bathroom running is the float along with your ballcok valve. When the best flushing toilet is installed(What is The Top Best Flushing toilet reviews to buy & most powerful flushing toilets for house), this is adjusted but it's likely that the float isn't climbing high enough to close the ballcock valve. If the water is running down the overflow tube then this is an indication that the ballcock valve is not shutting. Should you add food coloring to the water from the tank after waiting only a couple of hours 33, and you do not see a change in the colour of the water in the tank it's the ballcock valve that's not functioning properly. You will see adjusting screws on the top of the ballcock valve attached to a pole that holds the float. You want to lower the float so it shuts as the water increases. Bending the pole a bit to reduce the float also functions. You also need to check to make sure that your float is actually floating.


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I've never heard of those two drives by their ID string.  Maybe they're junk?  Are they slim model drives?  If so, that might explain it, as they're junk.  Since you're using the quality Verbatim media, the problem is something to do with your drive.  It doesn't like those discs for whatever reason.



You could try disabling SPTD and see if that helps  That can cause read problems, where you're getting this failure.

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It looks like that drive is in an Asus laptop rather than a Sony one.


Note the 'ASxx' firmware rather than 'SNxx'.



Yes, I think you are right :)


I supposed a firmware update could solve the problem after reading this thread:




Note for the original poster:


Any data in the disc after the burn process is finished?


Kind regards

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I've never heard of those two drives by their ID string.  Maybe they're junk?  Are they slim model drives?  If so, that might explain it, as they're junk.  Since you're using the quality Verbatim media, the problem is something to do with your drive.  It doesn't like those discs for whatever reason. You could try disabling SPTD and see if that helps  That can cause read problems, where you're getting this failure.

I've used a number of TSSTCorp ODDs (Toshiba-Samsung STorage Corp., i.e. very common branded Samsung ODDs) before, though the half-height ones and possibly some of their slim line ODDs. In general they are okay, but I wouldn't call them top notch in burn quality. But one time I did use a new TSST half height ODD drive to write out to a CD-R (JVC/TY quality media) and found that however it wrote CD-Rs for CD-DA red book format, the resulting discs were not reliably playable / readable on standard hi-fi audio CD players that only read CD-DA pressings or CD-Rs only (excluding CD-RW). After returning the TSST drives and switching to Sony-Optiarc, all the CD-DA read problems on CD-Rs were resolved and I was able to produce CD-R-DA discs that would read perfectly well on pre-CD-RW compatible CD-DA standalone players. TSST exited the ODD market some time ago, as some may know.


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