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Questions about burning a disk Spanning disks


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Hello, I have read through the forums. I have a couple BD recorders, built into a laptop and a few LG drives in desktops. I read that LG was not a good drive for dual layer, which If would have know this before I would have bought something else.. But anyway, I have never burned a BD disk. So I have a program that is 55gb in size. I found Smartbuy 10-disc 50gb 6x Blu-ray Bd-r Dl Dual Layer Double Layer White Inkjet Hub Printable for about 1.89 a disk in a 10 pack on amazon. I would need to span across 2 disks. I also found 50 Verbatim Blu Ray 25 Gb Bd-r Single Layer 6x Speed Original Spindle Printable Blueray at 1.39 per disk and have to span 3 disks. Both will cost me 4 dollars to burn this project.

My question is can I just drag the 55gb folder into the IMG burn software and it will span the disks? Or if I create an image file, will it span the disk? Back in the old days of floppy disks, if the file was to big for the disk it would span disks. I hope this is the case for blu ray..  If not, then I probably will never use the burner aspect of my drives which is a shame and buy a large external HD and store files there.

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