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Invalid 8.3 filenames on DVD


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I'm not certain this is an ImgBurn bug, but I never saw it before when using CDBurnerXP. The DVD was created with ISO9660 and UDF 1.02 filesystems using ImgBurn 2.5.8. When I run the "dir" command on the DVD drive, I see the following for a directory:

01/16/2020  05:23 AM    <DIR>          ПРИН#HS1     Принц Египта (Expanded Score) (1998)

This makes it difficult or impossible to access files in the folder and subfolders on the DVD with legacy software (In my case, Perl functions for audio file metadata.) The same folder on an NTFS drive shows a valid 8.3 name:

01/16/2020  05:23 AM    <DIR>          (EXPAN~1     Принц Египта (Expanded Score) (1998)

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To be honest, I don't even know where that 8.3 name is coming from.

Is Windows generating it or is it reading both file systems and that's coming from the ISO9660 one?

Maybe open the disc in ISOBuster, navigate to the correct path within the ISO9660 file system and see what it's called.

What settings have you selected within the ISO9660 restrictions tab? I'm guessing you've relaxed them to the max?


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