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failed update on atapi ihHAS 424


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after update my drive frimware with imgburn it dosent work any more , look like update failed . led blinking nonstop

first time update procces go to 100% and drive dosent work any more

now this happen (attach img) when i want to update it again

also couldnt found my ex frimware ( 0L1Z ) on firmwarehq.com  for undo this update  :(

is there any way to fix it ?



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Have you tried powering off the PC and powering it back on?  If it's an external drive, power off the enclosure and power it back on.  It seems you're already in a loop where you can't use the drive, so you don't have much to lose at this point.  And you're going to have to restart your PC at some point in the future anyway.

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Having googled it, I’m pretty sure your drive is in recovery mode - from a failed flash attempt.

0L1Z is not a normal firmware version... it’s the recovery / boot code version or something.

As for why you can’t flash it with a stock firmware update... well, it’s probably for the same reason it ended up in recovery mode in the first place. You may need to do it in another pc or with different controller settings (ide compatible mode) in the bios.

You could also try using binflash from over at the myce forums.

Please note, none of this is anything to do with ImgBurn. It merely pointed you in the direction of a website.

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