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Formatting and zeroing a new BD RE 50 GB


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Becaus I want to be sure a self edited movie is working properly on my home cinema center I always use a BD RE 50GB. Untill now I used one from Sony, but I think there is a big error on that disc, because I get a lot of errors. That's why I bought a new Verbatim BD-RE DL 50GB and want to made a new start.

I didn't work with IMGBurn before (always with PowerIso) but because of the positive comments I've downloaded it yesterday and have been trying to burn on the new disc. First I got the message I have to format the disc, so I started that. Than I saw the software was going to "zeroing"  the disc. He did that untill 34 GB and stopped than. After waiting for one hour and still on 34 GB I tried to stop the program. That didn't work and I shut the computer down. After that I could eject the disc and now I'm burning the iso of the movie with PowerIso again.

I'm irritated by that because I think IMGBurn is a more friendly program and that's why I'm asking if the proces above is normal. That will cost a lot of time and my thoughts tell me thats there was going something wrong.

Who can help?


Kind regards,


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It's normal for it to perform a 'one time only' full format and zero fill of a new BD-RE. ImgBurn defaults to liking discs fully / properly formatted and there are structures on the disc that (in a non-user data area) that tell the program if it is or not. Once it's been formatted properly, the program just makes use of the Direct Overwrite capability of BD-RE media.

It's not normal for it to get stuck like that during the zeroing phase.

Assuming you terminated the program somehow, did you happen to save the contents of the log window before doing so? The log only saves when the program is closed down cleanly.

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What it probably really boils down to is what BD burner you're using and the DID of the BD-RE you're using.  The bottom line is, generally, a lot of BD burners simply don't like BD DL media.  Like LG's WH16NS40.  One reason why I don't get the cheaper NS40 and buy the NS60.  The NS60, at least, properly handles BD DL media.


Do you have any sort of log info from an attempt to zero one of these BD-RE DL?  Probably not if you have to force close down ImgBurn.

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