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Sometimes device never becomes ready after cycle of tray


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I've got something of an odd situation here.  Sometimes when my drive tries to Verify, it never actually starts.  The burn completes and the tray cycles, but the Verify never starts because the device is waiting to become ready.  And it stays in this state until I manually press the red cancel button.  After which, cancellation occurs normally and the tray ejects.  I can then reinsert the disc and do a manual Verify on the disc against the image file without errors.


Unfortunately, the log isn't helpful:

I 21:40:37 Cycling Tray before Verify...
W 21:40:45 Waiting for device to become ready...
I 21:58:14 Abort Request Acknowledged
E 21:58:15 Device Not Ready - Reason: Medium Not Present - Tray Closed
E 21:58:15 Operation Aborted!


There's no error code because there's no abnormal end of operation.


The only things that are different are I'm using a 2nd new unit of the same USB enclosure I've used for years (As a 2nd copy.) and the firmware of my LG WH16NS60 was updated out of the factory to a new version: 1.03.


Any ideas what I can do to try and prevent this from happening?  It only occurs about once in every 50 or so writes, but it is a bit annoying.



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If that status is accurate, your drive is returning ‘medium not present- tray closed’ at the point when you abort. So, it hasn’t detected the disc in the drive.
Sounds like a fault with the drive to me. Is the tray locked and stopping you from just ejecting / reinserting manually? The would be better than aborting and starting a manual verify operation.

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