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DVD+RW question


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I burned a DVD Video image to an 8x Ritek DVD+RW.  The Burn passed.  The Verify passed.  I made an ISO image of the DVD+RW in Read Mode.  I loaded the disc in DVDShrink and performed a read test on it, which passed.


So, why in the HELL did my PS3 choke on trying to play the very end of it?!  This generally means, when playing a rewritable DVD with a DVD Video on it that the disc has reached the end of its life span.  What happens is the disc plays back with pauses and skips, which means the disc can't be properly read because it had died.


I performed the same Read mode test in ImgBurn and the read processing in DVDShrink on this same disc and they still pass, yet my PS3 doesn't like to play the disc.


Is an optical disc PC burner more forgiving when it comes to reads?  Is a standalone DVD player less forgiving when it comes to reads?



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I was hoping the answer might be as simple as the PS3 is less forgiving a reader than a PC optical burner drive.  :)  That would, at least, make sense.  Now, I STILL have no idea why the discs can be read on my PC by two different applications but don't playback properly on the PS3 because the disc has reached the end of its write lifespan.

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