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ImgBurn blocks drive and process doesn't end


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Well, most times I love the app as ImgBurn is easy to handle and works better than different other apps. But on a day like today I simply can't understand what's going wrong:

After I was done with burning, I closed the programm to insert a Movie-DVD for analysis. But the disc even doesn't appear in my explorer. Confusion! It was in the drive before but I didn't check for all the information I need.

While checking taskmanger, I had to find out, that the process of ImgBurn still runs altough the program itself was closed minutes ago by the [X].

As I didn't know why, I tried to close the process via taskmanager but "access denied". And even tools like "Kill Process" or "Ultimate Process Killer" can't do the job. I remember that I had the same problem in the past and the only chance to get back my DVD-Drive was to mostly to log out and then log in again. But as there is actually running another software for some hours and not done yet (it has no job with or for the DVD-Drive) I don't want to log out as this would make me restarting the whole job and wasting several hours.

For technical info: Windows 8.1 x64, the drive is a Pioneer BDR-212 D (and the long time process which makes not logging off is "Handbrake"). Any ideas what went wrong and how I can get back my drive without logging off?

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