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Description of .MDS file


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Hello Lightning UK!


After you had stopped the develoment of DVD-Decrypter, I have been searching for a good alternative.

Especially a aternative that has the option to make a .MDS & .ISO file so that the Layer Breach bit is preseverd on it's original position for DL DVD's

I think DVDFab decrypter is a good alternative but it lacks the option to generate a .MSD & .ISO file.

Send a PM to Fentao on the DVDFab decrypter a PM and asked him if they could buils this in DVDFab decrypter:


Hello Mr. Fentao,


I hoop it is ok that I write you this pm.

At this moment I have never used DVDFab Decrypter because it lackes the option to make a .MDS & .ISO file as output.

The old DVD-Decrypter does this, so that the Layer Breach Bit is preserved on it's original position.

Then afterward I can write the Image with ImgBurn by loading the .MDS file.

This works 100%.

As is, the development of DVD-Decrypter has stopped a long time ago and it doesn't support the latest protections.

I'am still looking for a good alternative but haven't found it yet.

Is there a possibility that in the near future a option will be added to DVDFab Decrypter to output to HD a .MDS & .ISO file ?

I would very much appriciate it if you could give me a short answer to my question.

With much respect and regards.


His answer:


We do want to add .MDS support, but as .MDS is an undocumented format, it's very hard for us to support it.

I think we cannot support it in near future.


Best Regards,




I don't know if there are any legal/copyright issus, but is there such a document that descibes how the .MDS works so that they can build it in DVDFab decrypter ?

We can then write those images with ImgBurn.

With much respect and regards,



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