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Question about subtitles using ImgBurn


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I have a couple quick questions about the subtitle capabilities of IMGBurn:

1. When writing files/folders to disc, if I select the entire folder, will the subtitles (.srt) burn to the disc if they aren't in a separate folder? Also, does burning a disc this way make it readable by a standard blu-ray player that only has support for regular BD-R?

2. Does IMGBurn automatically include the subtitles when creating an IMG file (.iso) from files/folders?

*If IMGBurn does not support subtitles at all, is there another free option available?

Thanks in advance.

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What it sounds like you want is some kind of Blu-Ray authoring program.  Since you specifically mention .SRT files, it sounds like you have some kind of downloaded video file with a separate subtitles .SRT file for it.  Unless the Blu-Ray player you intend on using this video file on specifically reads .SRT files for containers, burning the .SRT file anywhere on the disc won't cause the subtitles to appear.  You'd need to use some kind of Blu-Ray or DVD authoring program to combine the .SRT into the new video container.  I use ConvertXToDVD for DVD authoring, which does support adding .SRT files to output, but 1.) it's paid software and 2.) you may not want to convert to DVD but to Blu-Ray or to another container file.  The same company does offer similar software to make Blu-Ray video, though.


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