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need help with i/o error, how to skip the problem file?


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i'm here after ruining several disks/dvd :( i'm getting this random error about a random file for example:

"W 03:45:52 Failed to read from file: 'C:\.......1.jpg' but upon try to write that file again on another disk the error is gone

the error says "cannot read file ... due to an i/o device error"

the options are always "retry" and "cancel"

retry will return same error after a while, for same file while the device seems stuck on it

cancel will ask me if it can close session and regardless what i choose in that regard will stop burning


so i have some disks ruined with only 400mb good on them and others more luckier with more data

and as i said upon retry to burn again the remaining files i may or may not get same error but not for same file


is there a way to skip such file and keep on burning the rest hopefully properly ?


i believe the main culprit here is ms with their crappy x64 implementations for win 7 sp1 and win 10

because i rarely had any errors when i was using x32 systems and likely no sp, lol

anyway a quick help could save my current disk wich is stuck at 44% right now...

if not lucky to get fast answer at least the future disks may be saved

so i'm still hopeful


thank you for any help



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It sounds like you're not writing to an image file first and burning to discs?  If you're getting failure to read while burning and ruining discs because the writes don't complete, it sounds like you're burning on the fly.  Try writing to an image file first and then burn the image.  If you're getting the failure to read the file while burning to the image file first, at least you're not going to ruin discs.  If you ARE writing to image files first and burning those, I can't see why you'd get a read failure on something like a JPG.

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Post the actual log please.

The exact error message is important here as it appears the problem lies with your main storage device / system drive (i.e. C:\)

Until the issue is resolved, have the program create an image file (from files/folder) rather than trying to burn on-the-fly (direct to disc). Once you've built an ISO (ideally, on another drive if C: is having issues), burn that to disc.


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