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UDF 1.02 disc was not properly erased/formatted...


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I suspected the new version of ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 is not working with my old dvd recorder that wrote in UDF 1.02 format on a DVD+RW.

The disc was so messed up that the old recorder would not able to erase, and so I resorted to scrub (full erase) the disc with older v2.4.4.0.

Sure enough, the format error was cleared and the dvd recorder was able to write/read and erase without rejecting my disc. 

Maybe this info could help some of the readers to fix similar format/erase problem...

The older version was difficult to locate since many places archived the old installer which would look up the current latest version to install...

Is there an official archive where we could download the old executables?

Best of luck

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Are you saying the full erase on behaved differently somehow or didn't you even attempt it?

As the erase command hasn't changed, I doubt any one version would behave differently to another one. The drive is in control of the format process, not the program.

Logs from the process would help, otherwise this post is better removed so as to not spread false information.

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My guess is what happened the disc was used by something else like Nero before ImgBurn got to it.  Nero notoriously leaves discs in incomplete statuses after writing to them.


As LUK said, did you attempt a full erase/format in ImgBurn before trying  I would be interested to see performing a full erase in and then attempting a 2nd erase in  If the 2nd erase fails, then try the full erase with  If THAT works, then it would probably be worth something investigating as that is repeatable.  I have years of ImgBurn installers archived.  I may still have and can test this myself if warranted.


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