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How to have mds file


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I used to rip and burn my DVD+DL with DVDDecrypter.

In ISO read mode I had files ISO and MDS.

In ISO write mode I charged MDS file and burned.

As You know MDS files contains informations about original disc and in particular about track path.

I notice that original DVD9 has OTP (Opposite track path) instead of PTP (parallel track path) that I can see if I make an ISO file with others rip programs.

So it seems to me that to have MDS files I must make ISO files with DVDDecrypter.

Am I wrong?

How can I have MDS files with right track path (OTP) using other rippers or pgcedit?

Sorry about my english...I'm Italian...


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I might be wrong but I think the .mds was something that the boss put into the old DVDD prog to assist with making DL backups.


If you want another program to do this you would have to contact the authors and make your request to them.

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Thanks for that LUK!


When we were testing PgcEdit's ISO making, we wondered what was in the MDS file - as your advice was to select it in preference to the ISO - and how we might create an MDS from PgcEdit.


In practice, the absence of an MDS has not been a bad thing for both SL and DL burns (at least for me).


What exactly is in it, if I may ask?



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