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OTP & PTP??!!


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It's not set in that mode - it's actually made that way. You can't set it and unset it.


L0>L1 (I think = is not compliant, LUK! may have a different view)

Break must be at a cell boundary


Reading a file, it will just read the sectors in order, same as always, yes.



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L0 = L1 is actually the best situation. It means there is no 'padding' at the end of L1. The padding is not as good as real data - according to MMC specs.


An original PTP disc can have L1 > L0. As an Image file, of course the layer break doesn't matter.

When you try to burn that image to a normal DL disc (that's then OTP), you obviously have to move the layer break position back to the previous cell - in the hope that the new layer break will be such that L0 >= L1.

If that previous (or there abouts) cell LBA is not a multiple of 16, you're screwed! You then have to recreate the ISO, adding padding to the file system or whatever so that previous cell IS on an LBA that's a multiple of 16.

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