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Doubt MDisc


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The way I see it is this...

M-DISC are supposed to be good for long term storage. but even if we assume that is true, given their really inflated costs, I would argue regular quality DVD recordable media (i.e. Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) are overall better since they are still high enough quality that those are unlikely to fail for decades, or at least the foreseeable future given I have DVD discs around 10-15 years old and they still scan well with KProbe (which is a disc quality checking program to give you a pretty good idea of the burn quality of the disc). basically there is little to no degradation since I burned them about 10-15 years ago (I date all of the discs I burn so I know precisely when I burned media) and given my experience from not all that long ago with a batch that did not like my burners I got a pretty good ball park figure on how bad a KProbe scan has to be before a DVD burner will struggle to read it and my discs burn 10-15 years ago (even some others more recently etc) are still far from coming close to that point to where a read issue would be likely to occur. so basically I would expect these disc to still be easily readable in at least another 10-20+ years from now and could be well beyond that for all I know. but even if we only got say 30-40 years, that's a large portion of a persons lifespan anyways.

I tend to use hard drives for my general data backup, but I do use DVD for a more limited amount of high importance data.

note: I generally store my media in a room (out of any obvious sunlight, especially direct sunlight) and the room does see some level of humidity here and there and the room they are in, in the summer time, probably see's temps around 80-85f (or about 27-29c) as while the general house has AC, that particular room is so-so.

bottom line... I would recommend using standard quality media (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) over M-DISC in general. M-DISC might be okay for a very limited amount of super high importance data if you got money to burn though.

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