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It Has Been Brought to My Attention


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Can I jump in here and repeat some of the things Pain_man has already said? As alot of what he said is right in line with what I've been wanting to say only I didn't know the words to express myself and and say myself, he's hit the nail on the head here so I'm just going to quote him.



Sometimes I let my temper override my good sense.


Sometimes, like most of us, I can be an asshole.


It was never my intention to alienate anyone or offend anyone. Except after things got out of hand


In short, if I've pissed you off or offended you, I do apologize for that.


Several of you I consider friends. It's rare to find such a concentrated number of intellectuals and brilliant people.


My sense of humor has probably also played apart in alienating some of the Members. It's hard to face, but it is the truth: other people don't find me nearly as funny as I find my self (I realize that's leaving a great big target, an opportunity that, no doubt, will not be missed. But I don't mind; in fact I welcome it. I enjoy a good zinger. I don't have a problem with fun made at my expense, as long as it's not intentionally cruel.)


This isn't exactly intended as a mea culpa, but rather an attempt to explain to those who I've pissed off that it wasn't my intention (a few times aside) to do so. Whether this matters or not, I don't know. I only hope that it's take in the manner intended.


Pain_Man I hope you don't mind my plagiarizing :thumbup: but you could say it better then I ever could, hell I could never come up with words like this on my own. Also, don't want to Hi-Jack your thread but just seemed like a good spot :thumbup:


What started as a joke on clinks ended up getting out of hand and that then carried over here to imageburn, everytime I posted good or bad, was followed with someone posting some smart remarks because I had pissed people off.


To all I offended, can we move on and forget it :wub:

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/me looks upwards 2 posts and wonders if that is OUR Kirk ?? the Kirk who went Missing in Action at a school all those years ago :o


Now it hasn't been that long now =))


Really just been busy, I stopped in once in a while but just didn't have time to get caught up to post much.


I got one exam past and one exam on the way to take then sometime after new years I'll be studying for the last upgrade exam and be done :D Done till vista server is released that is :/


In short, if I've pissed you off or offended you, I do apologize for that.


and if I haven't pissed you off and you're feeling left out I 'm sorry too =))


Nice to see ya Kirk :thumbup:


Good to see so many familiar faces

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Good to see you back from the dead (literally I had heard - forget the oxymoron please).




good to see yu too blu. :thumbup:


whats there to forget about, I don't remember B)

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I noticed it, too. :lol: However, I accidentally did myself, too, earlier and covered it up by copying and pasting a real 2nd reply I had intended for it. :blush2:


I'd always wondered why there's no delete button on this forum.



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I have a program called Babylon. Basically it's a collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, databases, conversion engines (currency, metric->standard, etc) as well as foreign language translation.


I have an Aussie Slang dictionary installed. When I punched in "Do" (the musical note "doh" not the verb), the Aussie Slang Dict. gave me like four dozen different Aussie expressions beginning with "do" (the verb)!


I really had no idea how much slang y'all have. Australian has every right to be called a full-fledged dialect!



But Septic Tanks? Must be that particularly Aussie sense of humor. Or, rather unique sense of humor.


PM, it's got nothing to do with insults, it's purely rhyming with the word yank.


Yank > Septic tank.


Cheque > Gooses neck.


Commodore > Dunnydoor. (A very popular car in Oz) Holden Commodore, made by GM. Or GMH to us.

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Thanks, blu.


I had no idea what the hell Irwin meant when he said that. I miss the guy. I know he embarassed some Australians (or so I've been told). But he was so balls out, so full of life. He's one of those that broke the mould.


Now that he's gone, all the wannabe "Croc Hunters" (Aussie, American, etc) seem even more like poseurs than they did b4. IMO, that is.


Fair dinkum is not an Irwinism. It goes back to the 1800s I am sure. It means, "for sure" or "no doubt". Or in its inquisitive form, "Fair dinkum, eh?" meaning "you don't say".


How it came about, well, FIIK.


BUT ....


"Fair dinkum, mate, the Aussies are gunna whip the pommies' arses today in the cricket".



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