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Echo error text that appears in pop up windows into the Log


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When an operation error occurs during an ImgBurn function, a pop up window opens with detailed error codes, etc. about the error.  The way it stands now, the user must take a screenshot of these windows to gather troubleshooting information.


I was thinking, if it's possible, to pipe these errors codes, etc. that appear in the pop up windows into the Log.  That way, a person can copy and paste the error information from the Log, which is easier.  As it stands, there is sometimes an error line in the Log, but if there is, it's nowhere near as detailed as the error windows that pop up.


In lieu of piping the errors into the Log, I have another idea worth pursuing.  Add some kind of button or function in the error pop up windows that display error information and let the user save a copy of the window/perform a screenshot from within the error window itself.  That way, the user doesn't have to take the extra steps themselves to generate screenshots.



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