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Seemingly Inevitable Errors When Burning to CD-R from Particular Image, "The drive probably corrected the Sync/Header Area because it's wrong in the image file"


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I'm trying to burn a PS1 homebrew program, 240p Test Suite, to a disc in order to play it on my console. I've been burning from a BIN and CUE directly from the project's GitHub. However, during verification after burning, ImgBurn detects numerous errors, with the note: "The drive probably corrected the Sync/Header Area because it's wrong in the image file". That the image would be wrong seems unlikely to me as, like I said, it's directly from the source. I don't get this when burning backups of my own games, and those play fine in my modded console. Numerous attempts to burn yield identical results, indicating to me that this isn't a question of imprecise hardware, but of some software or firmware issue. Based on the note I mentioned previously, I suspect that it's some kind of automatic error correction on the part of my drive, and that data of this program is structured atypically due to it being a non-official release. If so, is there any way to circumvent the error correction? If not, does anyone know how what's going on and what I can do about it? Much appreciated.

OS: Windows 11 Pro 10.0.2261
Program ver.: ImgBurn
Drive: PIONEER BD-RW  BDR-XS07U 1.03 (USB)
Media: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m26s66f, CMC Magnetics Corp.) -- Some Memorex 52x CD-Rs I got from Target half a decade ago lol

P.S. Hope I don't get clowned for using an external USB drive . . .


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ImgBurn has not had a perfect history with reading and writing PS 1 games.  That's because they're a finicky beast.  Some of them have multiple tracks.  Some don't.  Some will read in ImgBurn; some won't.  Some are Mixed Mode CD's, a combination of audio CD tracks and a data track.


As for what I would try next, I would say try something other than ImgBurn.  I would download and install the free version of Alcohol 52%.


Something I would make you aware of, though it probably won't matter for the specific error correction issue here, is you should avoid CMC Magnetics discs whenever possible.  They make the worst discs in the world; ironically, they also own Verbatim which releases some of the best.  (Though Verbatim farms those out to Mitsubishi.)   About half the issues reported here are caused by CMC trash discs.

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