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Need to create image file from optical disc


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Hello experts.

I'm in need of create image file from optical disc in these 3 formats: dmg , pdi , gi

It was on the list of ImgBurn supported formats, not sure if is read only or write also supported?

If not, please advise which Windows software can do it?

Or anywhere we can download a small disc image in dmg , pdi , gi formats?


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ImgBurn can read some images in those formats and burn them to disc, that’s all.

Dmg is Mac, so you’ll need to go looking in that direction for help with the file format.

Pdi and gi are both proprietary formats and you’ll probably be lucky to even find the tools that created them.

I think pdi was pinnacle instantcopy and gi was something related to roxio.

All of this seems like a waste of time given that burning disc is very much a thing of the past for most people. Maybe you’re looking to emulate something?

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