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All "burner programs" fail at burning double-layer medias.


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ImgBurn is no exception to that rule when burning double-layer medias.

When the program needs to change from the 1st layer to the 2nd layer WHILE being in the process of burning a peculiar file, often a LARGE FILE, then, either the burning program will CRASH during the burning process and right at that exact moment, OR that peculiar file, which has actually been SPLIT between the 1st layer and the 2nd layer of the media during the burning process, will become unusable, like, for instance, it will become impossible to COPY that peculiar file from the media BACK on the hard disk drive of the computer (copying that peculiar file will always "fail" exactly at the moment when the process of reading that peculiar file on the media reaches the end of the 1st layer of the media), or for instance, if it's a video file, the reading of that peculiar file will stop and freeze.

The developers of "burner programs" all fail at managing that very issue.
The solution to that issue is simple though, you need to actually determine in advance WHAT IS GOING TO BE BURNED ON THE 1ST LAYER and WHAT IS GOING TO BE BURNED ON THE 2ND LAYER, EITHER by creating and using an algorithm which can automatically generate "2 SUBDIVISIONS" of a specific "COLLECTION OF FILES", each of these "2 SUBDIVISIONS" being able to be entirely contained on ONE SINGLE LAYER of a specific media, OR by leaving the manual management of these "2 SUBDIVISIONS" to the user of the program, and eventually include in the "burner program" a series of WARNINGS to prevent the user from PREPARING a SUBDIVISION which exceeds the capacity of ONE SINGLE LAYER of the double-layer media which is going to be burned.

That's all what needs to be done to finally solve that double-layer issue.

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Post an ImgBurn log of a failed burn.  I am willing to bet the problem is you're using CMC Verbatim Life Series DVD+R DL, which are junk and fail all the time.  Particularly if you have failed burns all the time.


I've been burning double layer DVD's since like 2009 and only 1 ever failed on me that wasn't the fault of a drive that needed replacing because it had died.  But, I've used Verbatim DataLife Plus/AZO DVD+R DL, the only compatible kind of double layer DVD media, 99% of the time.


Admittedly, any burner application actually crashing at the layer change is a new one on me.  I've never seen ImgBurn crash during any write to any media.  Of course, it depends on your definition of "crash."  It might have returned an error message and stopped burning, but that's not the application "crashing."

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