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when we burn one dvd the stats get's bigger... but when we burn 2 disc's at one time? two instances of imgburn, each one in different burner?

i think ImgBurn don't catch this second instance of imgburn...




PS: Sory by bad english.... :blush:

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Hi Peter,


Not sure I quite understand what you mean by "the stat's gets bigger" and "ImgBurn don't catch this second instance of imgburn".


Are you refering to the ImgBurn.log file ?


If so, then the logs from both burns should be saved once you close both instances of ImgBurn if you have the setting "Save Log" ticked and "Overwrite Existing" unticked under Tools --> Settings --> Events.


If "Append Existing" is ticked, they will both be saved in the single "ImgBurn.log" file, or if unticked then there will be two log files produced e.g. "ImgBurn.log" and "ImgBurn(1).log"

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@zacoz, He means the 'count' of how many discs ImgBurn has burnt.


@Peter, You're quite right, the program reads the current count from the registry when it starts and then writes back the new count at the end.


If you run 2 copies of the program at the same time, whichever one you close last will be the one who's count is stored in the registry / ini file.


The stats are not important enough to bother messing around with, they're simply there as gimmick.

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