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Verbatim DVD+R DL's Shipping deal


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meritline.com is offering 20 pk spindles of Verbs with free shipping for $39.99. (US only, far as I know.)


Here's the URL: Verbatim 20 pack



Supermediastore.com is offering the same item for the same price but with free UPS Ground. If you live west of the Mississippi, it shouldn't take that long.


Supermediastore.com deal

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Best deal I've seen on verbs in a long time :thumbup:


And to think I started to buy some last week :whistling:

Something told me to wait and glad I listened :shifty:







Did a little digging, called rebate center and rebate is limited to ONE PER HOUSEHOLD!!!


WTF's with that :angry:


We'll, here's where friends come in handy

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The ones I got from the American e-bay ad were flawless, just finished off the last of the spindle and need to order more...... if this guys is still around and decently priced I will be getting them from him again.



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Ok thanks. I just found out yesterday after talking with the Verbatim Rep for Newegg, that Newegg is their biggest customer. She mentioned to me that the factory in India did have some quality control problems/errors that resulted in bad lots being distributed, but now the problem has be fixed awhile ago. It was a new plant for them and like any new facility, training and new help are always an issue.


Newegg only gets lots that are made in Singapore now. Distributors are not allowed to know where the lots come from, but Verbatim identifies the lots by the numbers after the part number, i.e. 95310-xx which can only be seen by Verbatim internally and is not printed anywhere. The individual Verbatim sales reps know which lots their customers received. Most of the ones from India were removed from Newegg, but there could be some around because they have 3 warehouses in the USA.


Singapore is a smaller facility and produces all the 'new' product. They are currently still producing the 95310 and 95484. India is also still producing the 95310 and these are distributed to other retailers too, which we didn't go into. By the way, currently the 95484 are only produced in Singapore. She would like us to try the newer India discs which she says are good now. But if you want to stick with Singapore, stick with Newegg.


I had a really nice conversation with her and was very impressed with her candor. She mentioned to me that one of Verbatim's management (Mitsibushi) lives near me and that if I did get a batch from India from Newegg (very unlikely) and was not happy with them, she would trade them out through him, for me. That was super nice.

Originally Newegg gave me her phone number after I posted a email question to them about their lots.


If I do oddly get a batch from India , I will certainly give Verbatim the benefit of doubt and test them.

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i dont know if this is still relevant but i live in the uk and i get mine from play.com 10 for £9.99 Free P&P

dont bother with the 25 and 50 pack as it would be cheaper to buy them in 10s




the disc id: MKM-003-00

Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x

they are made in Singapore

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