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How to do a simple disc copy ?


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I would like to do a simple disc copy with Imgburn, is that possible ?


ImgBurn is a file burning program, therefore it doesn't copy. You will need to get the image to your HDD and for that I would suggest you use Google and search for what you want to do. :thumbup:

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Isobuster can do it, so can a few other Cd/Dvd Burners like CdBurnerXPPro, just google for them. There was a previous discussion related to this here, post 16 by DudeBoyz listed a few, though my personal favorite is IsoPuzzle.


And 2.2 is coming when it's ready, I think it also might solve your problem, if the hints dropped about the upcoming new features are anything to go by.



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Hi MarkC,


thank you for your time and suggestions!

IsoPuzzle just crashed on this system...and Imgburn 2.2 is being installed a few mins ago and it seems as it does what I searched for :)


If you wouldn't mind, could you pop a post over at http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=114815 to describe what happened? Marsoupilamis would probably appreciate the details so he can fix it if the fault is in IsoPuzzle.


But it's great that ImgBurn handles this now as well, and I was right about 2.2 coming soon, I was only 4 hours early :teehee:





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does one know if copy-modus (1:1 or 1:image) is going to be realized in ImgBurn
it's great that ImgBurn handles this now as well


erm ... LUK! can answer best of course, but although ImgBurn reads data discs now I don't think the new 'read' mode does the "bitwise" 1:1 copy that some other programs do, if that's what you were wanting. That is, it can't read an audio disc - I just tried, and it says "Disc Not Supported (Audio)". Disclaimer: I've only just started looking at V2.2.0.0 - and I don't really know what I'm talking about :whistling: ... I just know audio CDs (CDDA) have a different format defined by the Red Book specification, and presumably that's not "visible" to the read method that ImgBurn is using.


LUK!: is that anything like correct, or am I talking rubbish :lookaround::unsure: ?

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You're talking rubbish ;)


Sector by sector is a 1:1 copy and that's exactly what ImgBurn does.


The fact that it doesn't read multi session / track discs doesn't mean it's not a proper 1:1.


I just stop it reading those discs because:


1. It can't write them

2. You need some sort of CUE (or MDS) style file to hold the info about which tracks starts where within the image file.


It just wasn't worth making it support Audio discs, there's too much else that would have to go with it - i.e. mp3 support etc and that's not really what I'm interested in.

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After reading your post, I just got a couple of doubts:


:. Is ImgBurn able to burn those RAW CD image files (.bin/.cue) generated by ISOBuster?


:. In case of a positive answer to the question above, is it too much complicated to implement a RAW .bin/.cue file image output in Read mode (so it could be written back using ImgBurn itself)?


Keep up the great work! :thumbup:


Best regards,



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It depends on if the 'bin' is actually a multi session / track image.


If it's not, ImgBurn will burn it just fine.


There's no point in me making ImgBurn read something I know it won't write back again. So until (if ever) I support multiple tracks etc, it'll stay as it is.

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