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Minor Bug: 'verify' mode broken for imaged CDs


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There seems to be a fault with ImgBurn 'verify' mode, at least with the two data CDs I've imaged, and then tried to verify the ISO against the original disc : on using the 'Please select a file' dialog to select the ISO to verify against, ImgBurn rejects the selected ISO with a message of the form :


Cannot open file: J:\KNOPPIX.ISO\TS_D2.MDS

Note the ISO was created by ImgBurn, and it didn't create an MDS file to go with it .... er ... er ..... :blink:

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Hmm it's appending something random that shouldn't be there!


I'm looking at it right now!


EDIT: Fixed. Thank you :-)

LUK, can you please clarify?

i'm having the same problem with images created with DVD Decrypter.

ImgBurn 2.1 verifies fine, 2.2 gives me a similar error.

what do you mean by "Fixed" ?

i redownloaded the ImgBurn 2.2 installer but it's unchanged from Feb 16 (when i got it first).

will the fix only be available in 2.3 ?

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thank you for your reply, LUK.


but now i'm more confused than ever. after downgrading to 2.1 (and verify works fine) i went back to 2.2 and verification woks fine! (on the same image, only one image tested).

rechecked verification in v2.2 a few times and it's OK.

i can't udnerstand why now it's OK and before going to 2.1 and back it wasn't.

the downgrand and updagrade reset all the settings, but i went over all of them and can't think of any that might have caused that.


can you say what was broken that you had fixed, and why did the 2.2 -> 2.1 -> 2.2 version changes fix it ???

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It's the actual file selection process that's screwing up.


If you go from a long filename to a shorter one, it won't work - hence it's not reproducible 100% of the time, it depends on what you select.


There's nothing actually wrong with 'Verify' so to speak, the dodgy function is one that's common to many bits of the program, it's just more obvious in Verify mode.

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