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Optimal settings for creating an ISO


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What do you mean "The burn Button"???? This thing burns??? Why did no one tell me??!!!! :doh:

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I thought we came here to post porn and talk about compooters!!!! Nobody said anything about burning DVD's!!! This is what I have been doing:



Them Furrybaytims that you guys say are good, burn a treat and make nice smelly smoke!!! :devil:

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I'd love to help, but sadly my knowledge & expertise can't compare with the incredible abilities of LUK! and the Beta Team members... :thumbup:


While I'm here...I bought 50 D/L discs made in Fukup, China, for a pound at the local Poundshop, but I'm having trouble burning them...any suggestions...? :unsure:


Ps...heres a picture of my burner...



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You bloody idiot altercuno. You need to turn them over and burn the other side after they pop up! And don't forget to enable popups or else you will find you will overburn them, and we all know that is not the done thing with DVDs.



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Ahhh yes of course!... turn them over and enable pop ups...and no overburning...thank you blu...


One more question if I may...? I was thinking of buying a new 20x burner, (see pic below) with the extra slots, but with the industry starting to move to BluRay & HD with the new 50/25Gig discs, (see pic below), I was wondering about them.


What do you think...?










...note the 50/25Gig extra large discs...


Also, if I bought the 20x I've read that you shouldn't burn too close to the edge, so do you think only the center slots should be used, (the 2 slot model shown is the old 10x times 2)?...

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Yes, of course. Have you not ever actually burned a DVD Video with ImgBurn and watched it? At the end it says "Finalising DVD". And before you ask, it closes the disk too.




Pay attention that I asked about CD burning.. I do not burning video.

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Ok I see you have edited your previous post with some more info - to be honest I think you are making this much harder than you need to :wacko:


The steps are very easy:


1. Use ImgBurn to read the CD/DVD with the files you want to backup and note where you save them.

2. Switch ImgBurn to Write mode and select the same file you saved under step 1 above and burn to CD/DVD


That's it, I can't understand why you are getting files of different sizes when following these steps ?


I'm officially inviting everybody to have a hearty laugh at my own experience. I'm an IT professional of 24+ years and I, too, made things much MUCH harder than they had to be. I'm used to having to make an ISO by browsing to the location the files are stored and then either using a wildcard statement or selecting everything individually in order to populate the ISO with the files I wanted.


So when I got to your "Build" screen, I was trying to add all the files individually from the cd I wanted to back up, which in this case was horrendous because it's my Lexmark Printer Driver cd and there are tons of files and folders. Sometimes, "old school" can get a gal in trouble!


When I came across your advice here, lfcrule1972, I felt like one of those people on the V8 commercials that gets slapped in the forehead. d0h! :blush: I hadn't even seen the "Read" mode yet! Switched to Read mode, showed it my cd, and away it went. The "Read" created my .iso file and from there I could write it with no problem to my blank media.


Simple as falling off a log.


Thank you SO MUCH for this speedy, accurate and extremely useful piece of freeware. You all are to be commended!




Merry Christmas Everybody!


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