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What I'm referring to is, now when you update, and the setup routine asks if you want to use retain your old settings, it "remembers" the burn speed setting - 4X on all my computers. It used to revert back to "Max" when updating, even if you requested your old setting, and I wouldn't notice.


So then in my advancing senility, I wouldn't notice till I'd burned a few discs at 8X or 16X, wondering why they were burning so fast. And then to further compound my confusion, more than a few times I'd mistakenly change the number of copies to 4 instead of the burn speed to 4 (the boxes are right next to each other) - then I'd sit there wondering why it burned so fast and was then asking me to insert another disc...


Actually I'm not that computer illiterate - I just do stuff like updating in a hurry sometimes.

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