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Computer won't recognise that I have media in drive-HELP!


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Hello! When I put ANY media in my Pioneer DVR-110 I used to get the windows 'box' saying 'do you want to play this cd/burn, etc...' this now does not appear at all.


So say, for example I put a CD in that I'd just copied & wanted to play it to check it (or any media for that matter!) I don't get the 'box' appearing to allow me to do this.


However-if i go in to 'my computer' & click on 'dvd drive d' it SHOWS the tracks are there!!


Same with my many DVD programmes such as DVD Shrink, imageburn, cdxp, etc...so i can copy, etc but find this a bit strange! Now I don't as a rule use the computer to play movies/cd's (just burn them!) but wondered if you knowledgable folks new of a solution or a setting i could change??! It produced the 'window' up until yesterday & nothings changed on the system since then. Should I try 'system restore' & go back to yesterday?? I'm on XP by the way....any answers in baby language as I'm a newbie!




Kind regards,



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Thanks guys (got your other reply cornholio)-re: real player I'm sure there was some sort of 'update' or 'additional files needed' & I seem to remember either downloading them automatically OR started to download them & then stopped as i thought I did not really need it (scatty I know!)??


Tried the 'properties' thing & a system restore but still no joy. The drive recognises all media (tried with a CD audio, a copied DVD & a blank DVD & all the programmes recognised the disks were there!).


The other reason I'm flapping a bit is that if you remember the same drive bought a week ago had to go back as it stopped recognising ANY media.....so the windows 'box' is a comfort thing really!


Just occaisinally, though, I'll put a CD/DVD in & the relavent programme (ie IMAGEBURN, SHRINK, CDXPPO) still says no disk in the drive??! If after one more try it does not work a re-boot fixes it. Only very very occaisional but why should this happen-just curious??

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you could try this.


start menu /run


type in gpedit.msc (this is only for xp pro)


then click on administrative templates, you will then see system/network/printers/windows components (at the right hand pane) then double click on system, look down list for turnoff autoplay.


If it says enabled or not configured , then change it to disabled and apply.

If it says disabled then enable it and apply it, then change it back to disabled and reboot.



If you still have issues, i would changed the IDE cable you have the 110 on and make sure to replace it with an 80 wire one(put the pioneer on as a master on secondary ide channel, also check the 4 pin power connector's pins in side the plastic, if the circles appear spread, then get a very small headed screwdriver and push the circles together a little, or use small long nose pliers to do it.


Failing that you may need to reinstall your operating system, to make sure its not the operating system screwed up.

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TweakUI can be used for AutoPlay stuff. You can download it from Microsoft's site. Just search google for it or something. It's easier to use than regedit - which I doubt you've seen before!


ImgBurn can also enable/disable 'Auto insert' as a system wide feature via the settings.

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if you remember the same drive bought a week ago had to go back as it stopped recognising ANY media.....so the windows 'box' is a comfort thing really!


any element of doubt in your mind about this drive, and i would be taking it back , claim its faulty and get your money back, and buy another brand of drive

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