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problem with xp themes

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Might be a bit repetitive, but ImgBurn is just great! Simple, designed for efficency and yet powerfull for advanced users!

Just great


Here I'm talking about the different themes you can use with winxp, using a patched uxtheme!

The programs works well, however in the settings, some pannels are a bit too big and options are hidden.


For example I'm using one of the great themes from b0se (GUi.Air), and here is the screenshot of the general settings.


May be a mini scrollbar could be nice to manage such cases for example somthing like that : rolldown controller

or maybe something else more relevant.


Anyway tia for considering this slight bug.


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I believe vista also causes it to break into two lines of tabs, using the std xp theme it's all in one long line.


I've already moved some stuff around so (for vista) so it shouldn't be an issue with this theme either - in the next version I mean.

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