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Queue with multiple drives & automate DVD shrink compatibility


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I am yet to use the queue feature of imgburn but im sure i will and it would be great if say a user has 2 disk drives it could detect both drives then once one image is burned it detects a drive with another blank disk in and then burns that disk with the next image in the queue. Obviously you could make it so it works with more the 2 drives a friend has 3 disk drives.


I am aware how i can make it compatible wit DVD shrink but some are not, maybe make it so during installation it detects weather DVD shrink is installed and takes the necessary measure to make it compatible. For instance it first detects weather DVD shrink is installed then prompts the user if he/she wants to make it compatible with it. If so it could then along with its own registry entry's apply


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DVD Decrypter]"InstallDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\ImgBurn"


rename imgburn.exe to DVDDecrypter.exe and readress the imgburn link to work with the rename imgburn.exe i.e. DVDDecrypter.exe.


My last suggestion maybe a long shot but from what ive seen from DVD Decrypter and now imgburn i would not put it pass the developer to do so. cheers.

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it isn't


no dual support for simultaneous burns?



Imagine the mess I would get in then =)) As corny said - its not difficult to use at all either, my PC was playing silly beggars and I couldn't see the second drive - one restart later and all was fixed !! :P

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