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Dual Layer DVD


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Whichever DVD writer you have, make sure you are using the latest firmware for it and use good quality media EG the only one that is worth having are the verbatim 2.4 speed + dual layer


Add to that Verbatim made in Singapore NOT India. I have read, and now have the unfortunate personal experience, that Verbatim DL made in India can be very problematic. I just received an order of 100 DVD+R DL Verbatim made in India, and of the first 30 discs I've burned, 11 are coasters. For perspective, I've burnt in excess of 400 Verbatim DVD+/-R DL made in Singapore with only one coaster that I can recall.


Perhaps Lite-On and Plextor need to come out with a firmware revision to properly work with this media, or perhaps it just sucks ass.... :angry:

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