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Just thought I'd say Hi


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Hay all, know I haven't been around much as I have a lot going on not much play time for all my online friends. My dad is not doing so well these days and much of my time is spent helping my mom with him to theripy and doctors appointments so I get on when I can but its far and few between to cover all the forums I used to be on.


We think dad has Alzheimer's (ALZ) and the doctor has him on meds for memory but then he seems to get better and then we think its depression but just when we think we've ruled out it being ALZ he goes and gets the holidays mixed up and thought last Thursday was Thanksgiving which then makes us start thinking its ALZ again.


we'll anyhow, just wanted to say hello to you all and I'm still alive and kicking, I'll try to get on a little more over the winter months and post up some of my old jokes but I can't promise much guys.



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nice to here from you again

wish you well with dad

weren't you going to try some new treatment yourself?


Wish you well, merry christmas

and same to everyone else!!!!

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Thanks for the confidence everyone, right now were back to thinking its depression not ALZ but that question will soon be put to rest for good here soon.


My dad gets all his medication through the Veterans Administration and the Alzheimer's drug his family doctor has my dad on is not covered by the VA till they diagnose him with ALZ :thumbup: So, that being said dad has an appointment with a VA doctor for some kinda test to determine if he does in fact have ALZ. A test his family doctor told us does not exist and was no way to diagnose ALZ but through observation :unsure:


So soon as the VA diagnoses him, then he has an appointment with my neurologist also we can take these findings back to his family doctor and say Here dumb ass, you don't know what the hell you are even diagnosing :thumbup: "We hope" because as I said we now think it is depression and a ALZ drug is not the answer IMO.


Will report back soon on what happens.



cathater you asked about my procedure; looks like its going to be a long dragged out process but hell, I've lived with seizures for 38 years so one more year won't hurt. The VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) has been submitted and approved by my insurance and my doctor is working with the case manager for the company that makes the device and she is working with me and the insurance. Before I have the procedure, I want something in writing from the insurance Co saying its paid for not just word of mouth. :thumbup:


So, thats all in the works.


Now, there's another problem in play. The surgeon who does the procedure in my area moved and for me to get the operation I have to go out of town to another hospital and long story short, with dad in the condition he is and mom the only one left who drives that becomes a problem. As always, if its not one thing it's another right. :wacko:


more later everyone, please keep dad in your prayers.

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Yeah me too. She objected to me dressing up in her clothes all the time, said it was unnatural me not being an MP or actor...


Kirk :thumbup:


Sorry for the grief in your life right now, especially at this time of year. I went through it with my mum last year. The diagnosing is very tricky, having to be performed, in the UK, by a psychiatrist who asks you to write a sentence that makes sense, who is the prime minister and so on.


Best of luck :thumbup:

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I used to be depressed then things got better, I got divorced.



:thumbup: ...Times two...=))=))=))


Makes me think, mom and dad getting a divorce could be healthy for both of them :thumbup:


All my mom does now is worry about him and that is defiantly not healthy.



hey Kirk ,sorry to hear about your dad but once the VA gets into the mix they give you great care ,at least this has been my experience with them hope all works out well


Your right polo, since mom and I got involved, took over reording dads meds and administering them the VA has been very helpful and understanding.


All his meds are supplied through the VA and very affordable :thumbup:

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Yeah me too. She objected to me dressing up in her clothes all the time,



is that you in the avatar?

they have special forums for guys like that :whistling:

your not going to start a tranny thread are you? :unsure:

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Dunno what gave it away, but yes you're right that's me in the avi - even though big bosoms are so last year I had the op anyway...and from now on, I want you all to call me "Loretta". And I want to have babies...


Didn't we do the tranny jokes about a month back?

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Dressing ups better...vicars & tarts anyone...?


Glad I don't live in the States...cant say Merry Christmas, Ho ho ho's out. Blimey, land of the free...


<PissedOff rant mode ON>



:angry::angry: I don't understand how a group that is in the fringe minority can dictate to the majority in this country what can and cannot be. For some reason we seem to be catering to every asshole and/or asshole group that think they have the right to tell us what we can say/think/do/feel/eat/wear/drive/buy and sell. The seriously dicked-up religious right, the drive-by press, big oil, financial institutions, lawyers, political hacks on both sides of the aisle, juvenile delinquents, criminals, anti and pro war/ government Republicans, Democrats and Independents, Presidential wannabees and illegal immigrants. For shit sake, maybe one of these assholes might just try to shut the fuck up once in a while and listen to the drivel that they are preaching....before we go the way of the damned gooney-bird. The current leader of the free world as well as the rest of those currently elected in Washington are catering to big oil, pharmaceutical companies, gouging financial lending institutions and whomever else has a big wallet and no conscience. Idiots are preaching there is no global warming issue and the oceans are rising and the Arctic is disappearing. State and Local governments are either too afraid to tackle serious problems or just don't give a shit because big something or other has been paying for their loyalty with money, hookers, boys, kids whatever their weakness is; and now they can't make a decent decision to save their rotten asses either. :angry::angry:



<PissedOff rant mode OFF>




<PissedOff rant mode reserved for further use>




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Glad I don't live in the States...cant say Merry Christmas, Ho ho ho's out. Blimey, land of the free...


Nobody has ever caught me being politically correct



I've never told a women I wasn't interested because she was "QUEEN SIZE" , I've always said " I don't date fat broads, so don't anyone ask about that big red hand print on the side of my face. Real problem is we've had to many lawyers for centurys, political correctness is a source of income. Its not the client that gets rich off lawsuits!!!!!

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