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US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who


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Now I dont know if it's just me but after watching Inferno last night I have come to the conclusion that Liz Shaw (Caroline John) is the perfect women. It's a shame she didnt stay with the Dr for longer :(




The producer at the time, Barry Letts felt that the charactor was a "threat" to the Dr because she wasnt the usual type of assistant that he travelled with. Not enough screaming :o And red hair too......... :wub:

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So, they replaced her with one willing to press her bumps against a Dalek? =))


Ah, dear old Katy Manning. Just use google images and the first picture is the one you want. :D

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I used to hide under table when Doctor Who started, My kids think it's funny, not doctor who, me hiding.



This still amazes me. :D I've loved Daleks since I first saw them in an picture in a Starlog publication when I was 8. Had not seen a single episode or movie, just an image. Then, I managed to find the 20th Anniversary Special magazine at my Spencer's of all places, reduced on sale, and, I was hooked. :) Got to see the Doctor Who And The Daleks movie a little later and finally the first American VHS release circa 1987, when, the next year, a local PBS station carried the Tom Baker years. I got to see my first full fledged Dalek story with one of the best, Genesis Of The Daleks.



I've never found the Daleks scary on sight. Only scary in what they mean, something which children aren't going to get. What they represent, the feelings of racism, xenophobia, fascism, and particularly Nazism. Those are scary... but... even I admit... it gives me such a thrill to hear those little pepper pots shriek "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" :devil:

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Well it looks like you Yanks will be getting series three even earlier next year - in "the summer" according to the scifi website. So that means you'll get it while we're still watching it, or will have just finished watching it.


Plus, in two days' time the second Who christmas special,?The?Runaway?Bride, airs here on BBC one. Also, in the morning they're showing the Doctor Who concert that I went to last month.


In addition, The Sarah Jane?Smith Adventures begins on 1st January, and on the same day the Torchwood finale airs, when the rift opens and (maybe) opens the way for the Daleks and Cybermen to return to Earth.


Then just a few months to wait for season three to begin... :thumbup:

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Well I was well impressed with the Torchwood season finale! Looking forward to season 2 now!!


And I really enjoyed the pilot of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Even though it was made for kids, and even though we only briefly saw K9, as he was otherwise engaged stopping a black hole created by Swiss scientists from sucking in the Earth!!!


I'll be totally Who-less for a while now, but at least BSG season 3.5 starts in a couple of weeks... :thumbup:

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I knew it was, I just needed verification. FUCK! I knew it... :rolleyes: Time to start the restores, I suppose.



It's something in my web settings, apparently. Because it's blocked now by both Firefox and IE. It was working fine up until just before Christmas. I've checked the hosts file and it's not blocked there. So, any idea what might be the problem? Firefox returns this:



Problem loading page


The connection has timed out


The server at www.bigfinish.com is taking too long to respond.



No other sites I know of are doing this to me.



Any ideas? No, probably not. :wink:




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