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A question about portable mode


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Hi LUK! :)


I was pleased to see you made refinements to the portable mode and relative paths in the new release and was keen to try it out on my USB stick. It works great so far, except for one little bit of confusion I'm having around the behaviour of the log file.


Let me explain, when it's run for the first time on my USB stick a Log Files folder is created in the main ImgBurn folder and the log is saved there, which is to be expected since that's the default location in portable mode.


But the next time I run ImgBurn a new log file is saved in ImgBurn's root folder instead, and subsequent times the log is appended to the file in the root also, which wasn't what I was expecting.


After noticing this I deleted the Log Files folder, since it wasn't being used, but the next time I ran ImgBurn it created it again and saved the log for the current session there, and from then on continued appending the log to the other log file in ImgBurn's root directory.


Anyway none of this is of any real consequence, it's not like it consumes a lot of extra space or anything, I was just wondering if this is the intended behaviour when using the /portable switch?

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