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Can't burn .FLAC releases using the .cue file


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When I saw that there was a new Imgburn announced with the cool feature to burn .cue files. I thought finally I can delete Nero from my computer. So I tried to burn a .cue from .mp3 cd and it worked like a charm. But today I tried to burn a .cue from a FLAC cd but I get the following error:




Any help on this how to solve this problem?


I'm using Windows Vista Premium 32bit version

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LIGHTNING UK! I have a question for you.

I know that ImgBurn uses the DirectShow (Filters installed) to burn ape, flac and other audio compressed files.

Having cue+ape files, I can load the cue into Nero too (no need to convert the ape in wave).

Question: Does Nero uses the DirectShow too or it just creates a temp wave file?

Greetings! :thumbup:

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Sorry, I've no idea... you'd need to ask someone at Nero, or at least someone that uses it properly.


I expect the have their own set of filters/programs for decoding. I don't know if it's done on the fly or if they create a wav file first.

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