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Another Top 11 List

Movie Junkie

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11. Wanted to get some names for people we should pray for this week.

10. You weren't supposed to be back from lunch until 1.

9. I'm studying to be an Ob-Gyn.

8. Making a list of sites to block the kids from going to.

7. Doing research for the "Tom Cruise or Gay Porn" quiz.

6. I wanted to make sure I was doing that right.

5. Just making sure our daughter hadn't fallen in with the wrong people.

4. I had to visit this page to gain access to a warez site.

3. Typo when trying to google "rough kinky corn".

2. I was reading the articles.

1. I'm just verifying that I'm not gay, again.

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#15 i had my hands full and couldnt close the page quick enough.....

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