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Small bug with Minimize to System Tray


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Hi LUK, I'm noticing a small annoyance that's easily reproducible here:

1) Have a program in maximized window mode

2) Open Imburn and enable minimize to tray and drop zone (don't know if this last one makes any difference)

3) Burn a DVD in build mode with verify enabled

4) When it starts burning minimize it [to tray] and have the other program as the active window

5) When the successful burn message appears on the tray, double-click on the Imgburn icon

6) The Operation Successfully Completed box will appear, click OK


Now Imgburn will be on the taskbar and not on the system tray also the drop zone will reappear, but the main window itself doesn't appear and can't be accessed/minimized by clicking on it on the taskbar.

The only way to see the window again is by right clicking on it on the taskbar, selecting minimize to system tray and double-clicking on the tray icon.

This doesn't happen if minimize to tray is disabled.

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