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Imgburned bd not working on ps3


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Been told I will get a direct replacement 60gb for a 60gb, but it will be a factory recon, all new parts apart from the mobo, but yes it hopefully will be a newer revision.



Bugger, new ps3, different media (tdk) same problem.

iso's and burns work on pc but not on ps, ???????


I have now tried 4 different film folders and only one has worked so far on the ps3, I did have another work to a point but chuck an error if you skipped chapters.


getting stressed people.



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sod it, used tsmuxer to remove the main m2ts file and recreate a blu ray structure which then got burned using imgburn, works fine lol.

had to have been a file location error or an invalid pointer somewhere, dunno how because it worked before.


Have also re-installed vista too, to remove any other problems from equation.


Anyway, imgburn works fine, so does new ps3(apart from loud fans)


Thank for all the replys people, much appreciated.

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Pleased to see you got it sorted, are the fans on the replacement PS3 louder than your original 60gb one ?


I have a 60gb PS3 as well but I only ever notice the fans if I sit right next to the PS3 and play online for a couple of hours...... Even then it's not what I would call obtrusive...... must be lucky I guess.

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PS3 went back to Sony, I now have a 3rd PS3, the fans were bloody loud, as soon as it was turned on the fans were off, they would have made Richard O'brien happy.

New PS3 is like my first one, very quiet, even after 6 hours of cod4 online.

D/L br film again, burned it and it works perfectly, like it did before, cant think of any reason why it didnt work when burned, unless some cleaner software I used removed a file/s.


Thanks again for the support guys.

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